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RCMP are a Motorcycle Performance Company in Auckland, New Zealand. Over the last ten years we have advised, developed and built high performance motorcycles for the race track. We have accumulated glowing references from satisfied clients and have completed and supported many successful race teams, including our own. Many of the teams we have helped are actively racing in New Zealand and Australia, and are racing against world class competitors.

Our focus is not to just make the engine go fast, although that helps, but it is about building the complete package. That means improving brakes, suspension, weight, stearing and engine performance.

The leading bikes are those that maintain smooth power delivery to the track, as well as down the straights and still apply late braking going into the corners.  We can help you, by offering a range of options to get you closer to the complete package, and more competitive on the track.

Our Clients experience high quality and great results from the services we provide. Whether you are interested in professional racing, or just performance improvements
for track days, feel free to contact us, as we offer a range of valuable options.

Note:Although we specialise in Suzuki's, the components and skills we have can be applied to any high performance motorcycle. Go to Products for more information...





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